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EDM maestro DJ DeT Vibe returns with another banger, “Lost in My Feelings,” featuring Angeleia.

A maker of magic, Dave Pelloso, who goes by the professional moniker DJ DeT Vibe, is not your ordinary EDM artist and DJ. He prides himself on his versatility and knack for meshing together different dance styles and coming up with transcending music that is not only captivating but timeless as well. His discography is filled with epic bangers that have found a home in the hearts of many dance music enthusiasts, earning him rave reviews from the music press and a massive following that keeps on growing by the day. If you are looking for the kind of music that takes you to places, somewhere close to paradise, I have good news for you! You are right at home with DJ DeT Vibe as your innovator.

DJ DeT Vibe returns with an enthralling dance-inspired masterpiece, “Lost in My Feelings,” featuring female vocalist Angeleia, who breathes life with her enchanting and captivating vocals, underscoring the anthemic quality of this auditory delight.

“Lost in My Feelings” is the kind of EDM track that keeps on transcending as the layers unfold, like chapters in a well-crafted novel or episodes in a superbly written film or series. The pulsating rhythm and melodies emanating from the deep synths, the powerful basslines, the punchy drums, driving percussion, and ethereal pads provide a captivating backdrop that delightfully complements the sweet-sounding vocals.

This represents sound design achieved with crisp clarity and showcases DJ DeT Vibe’s prowess as a music producer. True to its title, this stunner will have you lost in your own feelings as the music aids this vibe, fully immersing you in its sonic allure and enveloping you like a warm embrace.

I recognize a masterpiece when I hear one, and “Lost in My Feelings” is a true masterpiece that deserves to garner extensive positive international acclaim.

To aid that, how about you check the attached link, stream, and add this song to your library. We highly recommend sharing it with others!


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