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Touching The Soul of The Listeners Dom Cotton Unveils His New Introspective Single “Get Me Outta Here”

Dom Cotton is a musical force to be reckoned with, having already topped the charts with his most vibrant melodies. It’s a treat to listen to experienced Singer/Songwriter and Instrumentalist Dom Cotton cheerfully sing his tunes that appear to herald the arrival of feel-good feeling music. The tunes show his desire to experiment deftly with the throbbing rhythms, and he smoothly adds his captivating voice to paint a dreamlike instrumental delicacy that immediately strikes a special chord with the listener. His songwriting is highly diverse, which is well complemented by the artist’s stunning vocals, providing the audience with a full intense audio experience.

“Get Me Outta Here,” his most recent single, is an amazing number with a lively hopeful attitude that lifts the audience’s spirits. It is a track about the present COVID19 pandemic that the world is dealing with. People have been trapped indoors for more than a year as a result of the pandemic. The urge to explore and experience the world inspired the song. The positive tone of the song, as well as the fun of lazing outside in the sun, are certain to be felt by the audience. The song’s cheerful ambiance is enhanced by the unique chord structures and progressive arrangements. Dom Cotton’s foray into the feel-good realm culminated in the style for which he is now recognized.

The song has a really fun tone to it, and it gives you that same feeling — that you are not suffering alone, and that life has changed for all of us. Most importantly, we all cherish the days before COVID 19.


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