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Florida’s rapidly rising emcee Dread Jefe asserts his lyrical prowess with his latest jam, “Slide” 

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Dread Jefe is the real deal coming out of the hip-hop and rap game. From a tender age, Jefe was captivated by the beauty and impact of hip-hop music. For many years, he kept listening to the greats daily, nurturing a growing interest inside of him to finally produce raps of his own, which he has been doing for the past decade. He realized that many of his favorite artists, like Lil Wayne, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, each have their own unique sound and way of conveying deep messages. He has always been intrigued by the heights these artists take the genre to.

Weaving their legendary influences with his own uniquely authentic twist, Jefe aims for his music to profoundly impact his audience, helping them have fun, cope, and most importantly, relate. He is an artist who has always wanted to connect with his audiences in his own way, and that’s exactly what he has been up to. 

Jefe returns with a raw masterpiece, “Slide”- an outstanding performance inspired by his daily creative process, which can be instantaneous or lengthy depending on the project he’s working on. One thing is for sure: he is always punctilious; he doesn’t make music for the sake of it.

He confides to us that once an inspiration is born, he likes to focus on it, writing for hours at a time, meticulously choosing a beat and finding a way to merge the two. He says sometimes he may sit on tracks for months before he thinks of even recording them.

“Slide” is anchored by a hypnotic keyboard foundation throughout. Taking a creatively referential approach to his rhymes, almost autobiographical with intricate bars and erudite wordplay, Jefe unleashes such a dominant lyrical display and, true to his rhymes, “Words so smooth they slide on ice”.

He’s confident, mature, and charismatic, maintaining a strong presence as he seamlessly transitions from one verse to the next and intrigues with some catchy hooks in between to get you hooked from the start to the end. 

With this track, he achieves what he set out to in an inimitably authentic and admirable fashion…he deserves his flowers for his engineering and compelling scales that leave listeners craving more.

To support “Slide” and Jefe, check out the link below and straight-up add this masterpiece to your playlist!

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