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Multitalented drummer and artist Dusty Edinger is set to release his new single, “Broken Soul Survivor”

This connoisseur drummer and songwriter’s creative path began early, starting to play drums at age 15. By 16, he was playing in local Atlanta clubs, and by 18, he was already recording and touring. After his band, King Friday, did not achieve the desired success, Dusty Edinger began playing drums for Metalsome. Fast forward to when COVID hit, and that’s how he found himself deeply embedded in guitar playing and songwriting nonstop. It is safe to say the pandemic period was a crucible of creativity, and that’s how his critically acclaimed album, “Missing Links and Kitchen Sinks” was born. Since then, Edinger has realized his potential as a gifted drummer, singer, and songwriter.

Dusty Edinger is gearing towards the release of his new single titled “Broken Soul Survivor” which is scheduled for release early next year.

This track highlights his growth both as an artist and as a human being. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this jam, and the thing that stuck out was how raw, characterful, and subtly nostalgic the track is.

It opens with impeccable guitar playing, making listeners feel intimately connected to Dusty’s storytelling. He challenges the status quo with a unique arrangement that defies genre categorization.

The soundscape is infectious and chill, and the lyrics are catchy. The undeniable rock foundation, complemented by pop elements, gives the track a distinctive rock n’ roll rhythm.

This is a tune brimming with raw talent, lyrical depth, and outstanding execution that any music listener will appreciate after just one listen.

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