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Afrorap Artist eF eL O Delivers an Infectious Masterpiece Dubbed “Roll Wit Me”

eF eL O Roll Wit Me

With roots in West Africa, musician and performer eF eL O has developed his own distinct sound within the tradition of first-rate singing and rapping. He thrives on pushing genre boundaries and not really limiting himself to the type of content he creates. Thus far, he has been able to engineer a heavy concoction of afrobeats and rap in what he coins as afro rap and is not shy to add other influences such as R&B, pop, soul, and hip hop.

“Roll Wit Me” is eF eL O’s latest jam and a delightfully charming one at that. With a coherent blend of the afrobeat and hip hop, he is able to engineer a masterpiece with an across-the-board appeal that will get you vibing in no time!

He has got very distinct and ear worming vocals that float over the danceable melodies nicely, with his rap-sing technique fitting in perfectly to this style of music. Sandwiched in between his thought-provoking flows are the catchy and infectious hooks that add to that delectable anthemic layer that this tune possesses.

“Roll Wit Me” is all about the daily musings of life; the pressure to make it and go on to live a better life whilst also enjoying it to the fullest with the people or person you love. This is just the day-to-day rollercoaster transformed beautifully into melodies with near-universal appeal!

There is also that addictive aspect of the track, which is made so by those irresistible hooks and the passionate vocal performance that will remain in your head even after the track is gone.

The sound is crisp and polished, and the mix is spot-on, highlighting the strengths of the track. eF eL O also proves to be a master of his craft with a tailored delivery that earns the banger immediate authenticity. Truly an impressive vocalist, eF eL O style is poised and confident in a record that is impressive both in lyrical content and performance, matching the musical theme.

To get a taste of this sweet-sounding anthem, follow the attached link and roll with it to satisfaction!

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