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Electric Peace brings energy and thrills with their title track, “Shoot Me” off their new album.

Shattering the morning calm with their proven punk rock sound, infused with rock n’ roll and electrified for maximum impact, Electric Peace are not your ordinary band. The band, under the direction of singer and guitarist Brian Kild, stands out for its distinctive and unconventional approach and brings back a long-forgotten musical era with such artistic finesse. Their knack for writing relatable music that speaks to social and political enigmas as well as the intricacies of everyday life has earned them a massive following that keeps on bulging by the day. Anyone who believes that the era of punk rock is long gone has likely not experienced Electric Peace’s exceptional talent.…one track is enough to knock that misguided notion out the window!

Electric Peace recently unveiled their eight-track album “Shoot Me,” a collection that resonates emotionally and warrants repeated listening. The title track “Shoot Me” encapsulates what the album is all about: authenticity, lyrical substance, and energetic performance.

The exhilarating electric riffs establish both the pace and tone of this masterpiece, creating a visceral experience. The instrumentation mirrors the infectious punk-rock energy, and the lead vocalist elevates the song to epic heights with his self-assured, angst-fueled, and still squeaky-clean vocals that levitate over the exploding instrumentation below.

The potent mix of riffs and drums creates a compelling backdrop for Brian’s assertive vocals, infusing life into the music and captivating listeners.

A stunner that feels timeless, is catchy, and is energetic, “Shoot Me” deserves a place on your favorite music playlist, and there should be no debate about it.

Explore the music by following the link below and share your discovery with friends. To familiarize yourself with Electric Peace, check out the website:


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