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Multi-talented Singer and Songwriter Erin Fox Marvels The Audience With Her Exemplary Performance in “Very Far”

Erin Fox

Erin Fox is breaking out worldwide with a sincere signature sound of her own, fully designed to connect hearts and minds around the world, thanks to her highly philosophical words, beautifully poetic writing style, and vibrantly expressive vocals. Currently based out of Philadelphia, Her brand-new music video “Very Far,” explains why her music is gaining traction on both sides of the globe, providing listeners with a compelling hybrid combination of alternative music unlike anything else.

“Very Far” is from her introspective album “Fuzzy Logic,” which she released on May 1st, and it bravely details everything she’s been through to become who she is today. Erin Fox’s moving & thought-provoking new single is as uniquely vulnerable as it is breathtaking & beautiful, every bit as authentically endearing as it is truly entertaining – establishing an unbreakable connection to listeners all over the world with a song that taps into the core of her soul. “Very Far” is both a bold story of personal evolution and a relatable song that provides genuine catharsis through serenity.



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