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California-based hip-hop artist and six-time world push-up champion ET takes it to the next level with “Pressure.”

ET Pressure

As a six-time world push-up champion, “Pressure” is something that multifaceted hip-hop artist ET has encountered on countless occasions and knows how to deal with. He is the kind of artist with such a star glow that immediately announces itself naturally; His talent is evident even before he starts performing. Originally from south central LA but currently based out of the Bay Area, ET is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

“Pressure” is the new banger that has been on heavy rotation everywhere; this track is such a vibe, a bona fide standout, a certified banger, and a radio-friendly anthem that leaves a listener inspired and thoroughly entranced.

Beginning with a mellow guitar tune that sets the stage for the track, the deep, bouncing beats follow, quickly energizing listeners. Breathing life into the lyrical narrative of this banger, ET demonstrates his versatility and creativity with the way he navigates the beats effortlessly, smoothly transitioning between rapping and singing.

And with this performance, you can feel the “Pressure” building, and it is the way ET relieves it with admirable athleticism, poise, and confidence that earns this track its immediate authenticity.

“Pressure” is a motivational anthem meant to inspire anyone putting in the pressure to never give up because, soon enough, that effort will pay off.

“Pressure” feels like the next level project for ET; he didn’t come here to play. Kudos to the producer who crafted this outstanding beat, which exudes feel-good vibes throughout.

“Pressure” also has a visually stunning music video that feels like the entire package with this banger; it’s like a mini movie and an undeniable eye-catcher that is the best complement to this banger both in symbolism and storyline.

In such a short span of time since its release, “Pressure” has so far amassed over 24K Spotify streams. This only proves one thing; it is already a fan favorite!

To feed off the “Pressure,” follow the provided link and let this certified anthem find its way into your favorite playlist.

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