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North Carolina-Based Indie Punk Rock Band Fantømex Delivers a Rollicking Performance in Their Latest Single, “I Declare a Clone War”

Fantømex I Declare a Clone War

Since its formation in 2017, Fantømex’s music has become a significant part of the Western North Carolina music scene. Their brilliant harmonies, which always convey simple truths through sophisticated and pioneering musical arrangements, are why they have been a force to be reckoned with in their field. They have transcended their music and have come to personify that punk culture, providing their ever-growing following with a passport to experience vital energy, youthful exuberance, and emotional gratification with their no-holds-barred musical approach.

Fantømex are back with another authentic slice of boisterous anthem dubbed “I Declare A Clone War”- an electrifying punk masterpiece that is sure to generate waves!

With intense, emotionally raw energy and a positively charged all-round performance, “I Declare a Clone War” stands as a formidable testament to Fantømex’s artistry within the eclectic punk rock genre!

This track has plenty of energy and is bursting with sublime instrumental virtuosity. It is a true example of the huge amount of passion that drives Fantømex’s endeavors in every way.

Seamlessly blending the arena-sized riffs, colorful bass, and brutal drums, it also showcases Fantømex’s vibrant personality and ability to create a deeply engaging connection with the listener.

Fans of music that feel like rip-roaring and electrifying hardcore rock will not struggle to connect with what Fantømex has to offer here.

On the vocal front, Lead vocalist Abigail Taylor packs an appropriate punch with her self-assured vocals that pertain to the genre appeal of punk rock as she breathes life into the lyrical narrative of this tune enchantingly!

“I Declare a Clone War” is actually the first single off of Fantømex’s upcoming EP titled “Chimera,”  their third release that is expected to be released later in 2023.

To experience this invigorating and stimulating masterpiece, follow the provided link, and more than anything, just savor!

For more information concerning Fantømex, check out their website and follow them on Instagram

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