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Enjoy an exclusive heart-melting experience as eclectic hip-hop artist FOURPL4Y transcends the conventions of mere sound with his “FOURGOTTEN” EP

Nothing quite beats the feeling this 6-track EP “FOURGOTTEN” gives; this is a clash of seemingly unrelated and distinct styles, smoothly combined together for one quality tapestry of sound and rhythm that captivates way beyond the five senses. From one track to the next, the strong feeling transcends mere sound appeal; this is an experience by itself that is best enjoyed at maximum volume. What FOURPL4Y has done is drop four jewels on us. This EP is not your regular music; this EP is tasty, authentic, and energetic ear candy to keep you fired up.

This mesmerizing EP paints vast soundscapes through pulsating beats, rock-infused thunderous drums, raucous riffs, emo lyrics, new-wave soundscapes, and rap vocals. You simply cannot make this up! And tell you what? You can loop these songs all day without feeling bored. My personal favorites from the EP have to be “FEEL ALIVE”, “FAMOUS” and “5ILENCE.”

“FEEL ALIVE” really hits the nerve! The track starts with a calm, gentle production that is escorted by the clean, whispery background vocals that grow as the track becomes alive as the resounding drums, earth-shaking bassline, ethereal synths, and guitars merge. The catchy and repetitive hooks wrap around you with an anthemic embrace, ensuring that the music lingers in your heart long after the final notes fade away. This track has an unmistakable new-wave thrill that is matched by the rock energy and rap vocals. This is what contributes to its far-reaching appeal.

“FAMOUS” is another bona fide anthem featuring the incredible Nessly. This track will metaphorically hypnotize you as you effortlessly surrender yourself into its embrace, becoming one with the music. Here, rap meets alternative rock, and the sonic landscape is set ablaze. The thunderous drums, heavy bass, and high-octane instrumentation allow you to throw all caution out to the wind as you sing like no one’s listening and dance like no one’s watching! Nessly amplifies the track’s appeal with his memorable performance and charismatic vocals. If you want to invoke that craziness tucked deep inside you, I suggest you play this on maximum volume and let the lunacy roam!

“SICK OF YOU” is an angst-fueled banger that pertains to the emotional appeal of emo, backed by rock appeal for that wide-ranging impact. I love the instrumental finesse, especially the awe-inspiring guitar technique and drum virtuosity.

“PLUG 4 U (Interlude)” is a high-voltage tune, reveling in its definite sense of brilliantly dynamic and captivating demeanor. FOURPL4Y’s unmistakably expressive vocals elevate the song to new heights.

“5ILENCE” is another track that I just cannot get enough of. I mean, I could listen to that beat all day long and not have enough. There is that hypnotic rhythm exuded by the enthralling blend of the bass, drums, and riffs—just the way they have been executed to conjure up that distinct flavor is heavenly, to be honest. When you add FOURPL4Y and the guest emcee’s vocals to the mix, you just cannot contain yourself. This is the perfect track to lose yourself and relish in the mosh pit!

If you were looking for a musical sign this New Year, then “FOURGOTTEN” is it. This is not only a highlight of FOURPL4Y’s distinguished musicianship but also a promise of what’s to come from him as he continues to build his catalog and create soundtracks for a generation at the same time!

“FOURGOTTEN” is much more than the six tracks; this is an experience, a fusion of rap, rock, emo, new-wave, and more that invites introspection and fuels the imagination. This is a showcase of what’s possible only if we commit to ourselves and our dreams!



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