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Freak de L´Afrique Release Their Much Anticipated First Amapiano Track and Official Music Video for “Yebo” Featuring Lindi

Freak De L´Afrique Yebo

Freak de l’Afrique is a Berlin-based artistic collective of DJs, MCs, and dancers all over Germany who share a rapacious passion for Africa’s modern club sounds. They started small by hosting party series “Afro Heat” in 2012 at the now-iconic “Cookies” club in Berlin before spreading their wings to hosting some of the biggest Afro focused club nights in Berlin such as “Cirque de l’Afrique”, “Black Paper”, “Bantu’s Diary” and “The Afro House Xperience” and by 2019 they were hosting their shows in other German cities and they started they own YouTube show “Freak De L´Afrique TV” which apart from covering music, live performances and dances also covers news from Berlin’s Afrodiasporic community.

Their debut singles “Mama Eh” and “Akom” were released in 2017 and Freak de l’Afrique went on to produce their own productions as well as remixes from artists such as Adel Tawil ft. Youssou N´Dour and Mohamed Mounir, as well as Berlin´s Daniel Haaksman. Their debut album “Awosa” is in the works and 2022 feels like a promising year including their extensive tours across different continents coupled with the performances and live acts.

The track “Yebo” is a glamorous Amapiano tune that happens to be the first single from their upcoming debut album “Awosa” which will be released in May. It is also the first Amapiano tune to be created in Berlin with that proverbial bi-lingual topping of German and Tswana. They brought South African dancer and singer Lindi on board and the record speaks for itself! This is a bombastic banging track that is best enjoyed while armed with those dancing shoes as it is going to take jovial listeners and dance fanatics back to the dance floor with its high-octane and rip-roaring vitality!

This is an instantaneous party starter and the way all the performances culminate together in a moment of artistic brilliance leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and as such a repeated listening experience is guaranteed. This is the party anthem for the summer as listeners get to dance animatedly, bursting some exaggerated moves – basking in the limelight of an Amapiano universe of their own joyous creation! This will have everybody hyped up from the DJ all the way to the MC and the audience below as they make some necessary noise in jubilation!

The Official Music Video has also been released and is the perfect complement to this mesmerizing track both in symbolism and storyline as it consists a compilation of their 10 years events both nationally and internationally. “Yebo” is now available on all music platforms – jump on that Amapiano wave straight outta Berlin and experience a soundtrack you will live to remember!

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