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Based Out of the South Side of Chicago, Geno Demari Brings the Heat With His New “To Say the Least” EP

Representing the south side of Chicago to the fullest is the first-rate lyricist and up-and-coming rap artist who is operating on an unrivaled high. His way with words remains unchallenged, and he has been stealing the headlines with his fully baked artistic caliber that allows him to push the envelope and blend the underground as much as the new hip-hop for a sound that is genuinely brand new. He really is proud to help define a new sound in hip-hop; if you are looking for something fresh, innovative, and equally entertaining, look no further than Geno DeMari. You have arrived!

Currently Geno DeMari is making huge waves following the release of his 6-track EP “To Say the Least,” which is deeply rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop genre. Everything you could ever wish for in rap music is right here—talk about visual wordplay, cerebral and freakish cadences, hypnotic beats, masterful rhymes, and a lot more wise perspectives.

And for an EP titled “To Say the Least”, my man certainly says and does the most here. This is the kind that will have you grooving from the first track all the way to the last one.

“On That” is a shining statement of DeMari’s fierce wordplay. With his striking hooks and analytical wordplay, Geno paints vivid pictures with his words, coupled with his anomalous cadences that transport the listener into a world of his creation!

“Quick” is nothing short of a hypnotic masterpiece; I am still yet to get over those intoxicating beats, man. I mean, he didn’t have to go this hard, and who was the producer of such beats? I mean, is he in any way related to Young Metro?

“Next Life” is a proper street anthem; DeMari’s use of visual metaphors and eloquent conveyance combined with his golden voice will cause unpremeditated time travel for anyone listening. That atmospheric instrumentation puts one in a party mood in no time.

“Show and Tell” has an undeniable nostalgic underground feel to it that takes you back to the good old times in an instant.

I also felt like the kind of performance Geno DeMari unleashes on “Quick’ has a Kodak Black-ish vibe, and it is just so surreal to get drawn into that performance in its entirety.

“To Say the Least” is the mark of an accomplished songwriter and performer who has mastered the knack to engineer hit anthems flawlessly.

If you are looking for something to put you in a great mood while you still relate to the lyrics, “To Say the Least” is the album for you.

Follow the attached link and make a spin wit’ it!

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