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Singer-songwriter Giavonna’s alternate drill version of her smash hit “Hold Me,” dubbed “Hold Me (Drill Mix),” is generating positive buzz on the international music scene.

Based out of North Carolina, songstress Giavonna aims to become a reference for renowned songs, leaving a legacy of dedication and love for music. She is tirelessly working to become one of the artists who commands the ears of the public while at the same time being the voice of an independent woman and an aspiring girl child. Her sound explores R&B in its multiple forms, as she does not believe in self-limitation when it comes to her creativity, one of the many things that make her a versatile and immensely gifted artist to watch out for this year and beyond.

After making waves with her captivating R&B tune, “Hold Me,” which earned her critical deserved acclaim from fans and critics, she deemed it fit to come up with an alternate sped-up version inspired by another artist and her willingness to step out of her comfort zone. That is how her latest Drill-inspired version, “Hold Me (Drill Mix),” was born.

In its R&B iteration, “Hold Me” is a sensual serenade, a slow-burning and mid-tempo confession of love and longing. Whereas the original version unfolds with silky-smooth vocals gliding over sultry beats, creating an intimate ambiance that feels like a warm embrace, this new alternate, sped-up Drill rendition takes on a dynamic transformation that is equally as gratifying as the original!

Retaining its core essence of love and intimacy, the song infuses the raw energy and grit characteristic of Drill music.

Giavonna’s sweet-sounding and luscious vocals glide over the rhythm seductively, featuring guest artist Sequence Clark’s provocative vocals, adding a much-needed male perspective.

A dynamic, energetic, and evocative mix, “Hold Me (Drill Mix)” feels like the kind of jam you’d want in your playlist!

Check out the link below, subscribe to Giavonna’s YouTube channel, like the track, and share it widely.


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