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Hip-hop and rap dynamo group Girth Gang returns with a spotlight-stealing new track titled “Rumble In The Jungle.”

Girth Gang isn’t your ordinary hip-hop and rap group. Their music transcends mere talent as they connect with the culture with unabashed authenticity, adding their unique twist to forge a sound that spans old-school, conscious, and contemporary styles, characterized by their sharp-witted lyricism, magnetic stage presence, and ear for innovative beats. Over the past few years, they have tirelessly devoted themselves to their music. They have often been recognized as prominent figures in Louisville rap and hip hop, amid ongoing debate regarding their status as the hardest working group in the scene—a title they proudly maintain and consistently strive to justify. With a diverse collection of singles spanning the spectrum of hip-hop and rap, Girth Gang have firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

They are back with another refreshingly innovative jam titled “Rumble In The Jungle”—a raw masterpiece that recognizes the bustling city of Louisville, which is also the birthplace of the Greatest Athlete of All Time, the one and only Muhammad Ali.

The cover art pays homage to this legendary boxer, featuring him standing over his opponent after delivering a signature knockout. The tune starts with a Muhammad Ali voice interlude, setting the scene for this undeniable masterpiece.

What follows is a mixture of scene-stealing bars and masterful, nimble flows, punctuated by a memorable hook that resonates with the listener long after the track ends. Each emcee brings their A-game, floating like butterflies and lyrically stinging like bees.

With this jam, Girth Gang opted to challenge the status quo and blend a little bit of everything: the depth of lyricism exudes that East Coast vibe, the old-school beats emanate the West Coast’s nostalgia, and the cadence oozes their signature Southern aura.

To experience “Rumble In The Jungle,” check the provided link and consider adding this track to your playlist.

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