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GMS RAW Unveils Groundbreaking Single “Click Clout” – A Bold Exposé on Online Gangsters in Hip Hop

Philadelphia, PA – In an unprecedented move, Philly’s own GMS RAW has revolutionized the fitness industry by creating Mechanical Muscle Management, helping people all over the globe transform their bodies through his program “Bedroom Body Bootcamp.” He also shakes the foundations of the hip-hop community with his latest single, “Click Clout.” This pioneering track is hailed as the first of its kind to boldly confront and expose the phenomenon of online gangsters within the rap industry. Set against the backdrop of digital personas and the authenticity crisis in hip hop, “Click Clout” emerges as a compelling narrative that challenges the status quo.

This 2024 music release delves into the contrast between genuine rap artistry and the facade often portrayed by so-called ‘online gangsters’ on social media platforms. The song masterfully intertwines GMS RAW’s insightful music production with hard-hitting lyrics, setting a new benchmark for authenticity in rap.

This is more than just a new hip hop track for 2024; it’s a cultural commentary on the influence of social media in hip hop, urging listeners to discern real talent from digital pretense. GMS RAW teams up with the iconic Yukmouth, a member of the music group Luniz, known for the legendary song ‘I Got 5 on It,’ adding a layer of depth and credibility to the track.

As a standout PA rapper and a prominent figure in Philly hip hop culture, GMS RAW’s latest offering is not just anticipated to be a hit but also a thought-provoking piece that sparks conversations around the themes of online posers and genuine expression in the information era.

The official music video for “Click Clout,” produced by GMS RAW, is now available, offering a visual exploration of the song’s themes. Fans and new listeners alike are invited to experience this groundbreaking track and join the movement towards authenticity in music.

“Click Clout” is available for streaming and purchase across all major platforms. Don’t miss this pivotal moment in hip hop history.

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