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Hip-hop and R&B phenom GSimone delivers a thoughtful performance with her newest release, “S.I.S”

Pursuing a musical career that has blossomed at every turn, rapper, singer, songwriter, and musician GSimone continues to defy the ordinary and transcend the obvious with her tried-and-tested sound that has earned her critical international acclaim. She is royalty in her own right. Her wide-eyed R&B and hip-hop are written and delivered with pure honesty. In recent years, she has even poured all of herself into songs, turning random words and definitions into improvised melismatic gold. She is casual, real, and sophisticated, and that is what gives her music instant appeal. She has always hoped that her platform can show other people like her that it is possible to succeed by being true to yourself. In GSimone’s eyes, her rise is proof that black women are commercially viable in an industry that has traditionally said otherwise.

Following the success of her new album “Such A Feelin” that has earned rave reviews from the music press and deserved acclaim from both fans and critics, GSimone returns with a performance…yeah, that’s right a performance with her newest single “S.I.S” that was purely inspired by the need for women’s support, love, and empowerment of one another.

Her performance is imbued with attributes and positive affirmations for the girl child, reminding them of who they are and the immense power, beauty, elegance, and potential that lies with them, and they only need to evoke them and conquer the world as it is. Her meaningful lyrics convey that she means every word.

She is very poetic, taking a spoken word approach to her delivery over a gentle and smooth foundation that has not been overdone and thus allows for her powerful lyrics and equally expressive vocals to thrive.

A masterpiece born from GSimone’s positive contemplation, “S.I.S” is a message every woman needs to hear right now. Long gone is the era of women pulling each other down and hating on their sister’s success; this is a new era that should be defined by massive support for our sister’s endeavors, lending a hand where possible, encouraging one another, celebrating their wins just like they are ours, and loving and being there both in their best and worst moments in life.

This is a performance that comes from GSimone’s heart and soul and is exactly where it goes. And this truly is a huge testament to her relentless commitment to authenticity and emotional depth.

GSimone always hopes to write songs that feel personal and that make the listener establish a connection with them, and that is exactly what she did with this performance that has been accompanied by a lyric video. It allows for the words to resonate with such depth and meaning.

An inspiring, uplifting, and empowering work of art that speaks highly of sisterhood, “S.I.S” is indeed an authentic masterpiece that deserves to be heard more, especially by women, to remind them of who they truly are and what they’re capable of achieving under the sun.

This New Year promises great things from GSimone as she continues to make her mark and leave a lasting legacy. Her music has always been powerful and positive, with deep and personal appeal, and that is what gives her an edge over any other artist on the market today.

To get up-close and personal with her and experience her stunning music, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her official YouTube channel to enjoy “S.I.S,” the album “Such A Feelin” and so many other beautiful tracks.


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