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Experience the Next Level of Rap in Guala Armani’s New Single “U.S.1″ that Blends Innovative Sound and Bold Lyrics in a Visually Stunning Music Video”

No cap; – hip hop purist Guala Armani has got to be one of the most phenomenal lyricists of our generation; vastly underrated, I feel that more people need to listen to this champ and just experience how good he is- underrating him has to count as a rookie ass mistake. The aim for him is to never hit the ceiling when it comes to creativity as he continues to push the boundaries of creative art and self-expression; seamlessly blending the old school and the new school rap to bridge the gap between the two musical generations in his own unique way.

His unique, powerful, and earworming vocals pertain to the genre appeal of hard rap! I have been listening to the banger “U.S.1” on repeat, and each time it just gets better—there is just something about that performance that cannot escape any rap devotee’s attention.

The beats are certainly hard and drip through with vivacious trap energy—the snarling hi-hats, atmospheric synths, kicking drums, booming basslines, and pounding 808s amalgamate to engineer a roof-tearing sound that gets you amped up in no time.

Jumping on the beats, Guala Armani lyrically proves why he is just on another level—he really moves differently with a bold swagger that is just infectious. The visually stunning music video is just the perfect complement to this banger, both in symbolism and storyline. This video was shot in Riverbirch Corner, right off spring lane exit of Us1.

In this “U.S.1”, Guala Armani takes us through his own thoughts, his life growing up, what music has meant for him, all the experiences that made him; this banger is a peak into his very life and that is why he decided to shoot the music video on that location that carry so many of his memories growing up.

While I am no prophet, I can predict that once you get a taste of “U.S.1”, you’ll be fervently looking to listen to the other record from Guala Armani’s impressive catalog (you just have to!).

To get acquainted with this work from a potentially groundbreaking lyricist who is on cue to demand the world’s attention, follow the attached link, subscribe to Guala Armani’s YouTube channel, like this music video, and leave a comment below on how you feel about this impeccable hip-hop don!

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