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Dynamic rapper and artist H-A-M (Hustle-And-Motivate) pays tribute to the legendary Notorious B.I.G. with “B.I.G. Business V2”

Far from your average rapper, H-A-M has been turning heads and winning deserved acclaim with his style of rap music that deviates from the expected and ordinary. This rising rap dynamo raps about technology in ways you probably haven’t experienced before. As a technology guru, especially with IT and computer networking, he found it fitting to infuse his IT wisdom with his love for music, and that’s how he started delving deep into the creative process and creating some hit tracks that incorporate both basic and sophisticated lessons about IT security and networking. In most cases, you might need a pen and pad when listening to his tracks or risk missing the intricate details, but if you are in for the vibes,  you can still appreciate his rapid-fire and masterful flows backed by his unmatched stage presence!

He is versatile, and that’s why this time, he comes with a raw tribute masterpiece dubbed “B.I.G. Business V2” in honor of one of the most iconic rap artists of all time, The Notorious B.I.G.

Infusing the grit of the East Coast sound with his unique twists, H-A-M comes up with a track that hits you right in the feels exudes confidence and charisma, and asserts his lyrical prowess.

He comes off mature, maintains a strong presence over the old-school production, exudes confidence and charisma, and asserts his lyrical prowess with a combination of creatively referential rhymes, erudite punchlines, and first-class bars.

The way he smoothly rides this beat is the mark of a distinguished emcee and proof that he is so much more than just a rapper; he is an artist as well, with limitless creativity and versatility both as a musician and storyteller.

This is a radio-ready piece and the perfect tribute to the iconic star who helped shape rap music with his authenticity and personality, inspiring countless young black hip-hop artists.

To get a taste of what refined performance feels like, how about you follow the link below, add the track to your playlist, and recommend it to your friends?

To keep up with the latest developments from H-A-M, check out the website at

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