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Broward’s county fast rising hip-hop sensation H-A-M lyrically explores relationship complexities in “Shari’s Song.”

Hamlet Bent Jr., known by the stage names H-A-M (Hustle And Motivation) and Hamlet B Da Emcee, is a unique artist who has found a way to merge hip-hop music with information technology. With his networking and IT background, spanning over two decades,, he brings the best of the two worlds to not only entertain but also give some insights on cyber security, networking, and some sophisticated IT technology. This is one of the many things that make him inventive, as he has found a way to leverage his lyrical gifts while also giving meaningful insights about IT and networking. His emergence has been met with positive acclaim, with tracks like “Art Official” and “IOS Flows” garnering positive buzz on the hip-hop scene. And as a musical world that has always craved something uniquely different yet with instant appeal, this explains why he has been such a breath of fresh air to a music industry that often leans towards predictability.

Last year, H-A-M experienced significant success, which saw him release his 10-track album, “N.O.C Knock” to critical acclaim. One of the standout tracks from the album is “Shari’s Song” which sees H-A-M showcasing his vulnerability through heartfelt and profoundly touching rhymes.

First things first, we’ve got to appreciate this production; it’s so mellow, chilled with stripped-back vibes, and provides a steady foundation for H-A-M’s heartfelt delivery. He comes off calm, composed, and mature, capturing the essence of the track with profound sagacity.

Talking about the complexities of relationships and how issues that seem simple on the surface can lead to a relationship’s catastrophic end, “Shari’s Song” resonates with such emotional depth to so many of us who have been on the receiving end of seemingly ‘small’ issues that went on to blow up, leading to the inexpressible end of what was maybe a promising relationship.

The beautifully haunting piano is alluring, the gently hit hi-hats are ear-soothing, and the smooth bass is infectiously irresistible.

I appreciate music that’s chilled out and carries meaningful messages,, and this track right here makes the cut. As such, it’s an honor to recommend this charming masterpiece from one of the best to ever do it in hip-hop and rap.

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