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Broward County-Based Emcee H-A-M Has a New Banger Out Dubbed “Tech-Know-Music”

Donning the moniker “H-A-M” which stands for Hustle-And-Motivate is one of Broward County, FL’s standout emcees who raps technology owing to his vast experience in the professional IT industry that sees him transform some of the most basic as well as sophisticated IT technologies into music with universal appeal. To any rap music, his swift and smooth deliverability suffices, even if you are not much into technology yourself and just want to vibe with fluid rap music.

H-A-M once again mesmerizes with his new song, appropriately titled, “Tech-Know-Music” displaying his creative prowess when it comes to IT talking over the catchy and expressive beat.

Tapping into his tank of knowledge about cyber security and networking, H-A-M comes through with thought-provoking bars and erudite rhymes with his equally expressive voice, which is ideal for the genre.

The beat here is hypnotic, with an addicting melody that is guaranteed to keep playing over your head long after the music is no more. This track is further proof that hip hop music is much more than just music; it is a form of creative expression and an art of storytelling.

H-A-M showcases his artistic abilities with the vivid lyrics that paint pictures in the mind of its listener, and that is not what can be said about so many rappers out there who merely depend on profanities for their music to sell.

This is music that is family-friendly and one that you can’t really feel ashamed of recommending to any music lover.

A top-drawer performance worthy of critical praise, “Tech-know-Music” is a great addition to anyone’s playlist and feels ready to catapult H-A-M into the hands of eagerly awaiting fans as his stock in the music market continues to project further.

To sink your teeth into this lyrically astonishing and shrewd body of work, follow the attached link, save the tune to your music library, and share it widely with friends and family.

To keep up with H-A-M and his music, follow him on Instagram.

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