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Hip-hop and rap wizard HBK Trell’s latest album, “HBK VS TRIZZY,” showcases the contrasting sides of this phenomenally gifted emcee, who is on a creative tier of his own.

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here, as highly rated emcee and artist HBK Trell has dropped his long-anticipated project, “HBK VS TRIZZY”—a phenomenal full-length album that showcases the two contrasting sides of HBK Trell. On one side, HBK is a softer artist who comes off as honest and openly vulnerable over some laid-back productions, mostly talking about love, heartbreak, and the complexities of relationships, but on the other side, TRIZZY is a completely different animal who does not hold back, exuding some gangsta vibes with explicit bars and a braggadocios demeanor.

HBK’s fantastical and emotional worldview contrasts sharply with TRIZZY, who takes pains to present his erotic dalliances, sexual pleasures, and bad-boy lifestyle as real-life adventures. What is fantastic throughout the project is how HBK’s emotional, plainspoken r&b-laced tunes contrast favorably with TRIZZY’s deadpan and homicidal delivery.

“F33llnG dUmB!” is an honest revelation that sees HBK pour his ailing heart out after being taken for a ride and played in a previous relationship. The tune features a mellow production that appealingly complements the artist’s emotional flows.

“A Love Letter 2 You” sees HBK honestly express his intimate feelings for someone who has obviously left him smitten in what is an honest declaration of love through a lyrical love letter. The production is smooth, featuring organic percussion emanating from the dulcet guitar tones, and offers a captivating backdrop to attractively supplement HBK’s soulful vocals.

“Betrayal” is a sincere expression of strong feelings, taking inspiration from personal experiences and capturing the raw emotions of hurt and disappointment from being betrayed by someone believed to be loyal, who never reciprocated the love given. HBK manages to capture these painful emotions with his profound vocals.

“fallin off” lets TRIZZY out of the cage as he rides this trap-fueled production like a jet ski. The catchy, repeated phrase “fallin off” transforms the track into a straight-up anthem, instantly amping up listeners to bust some crazy moves and crank the volume all the way up!

“Groceries” is a clear and unmistakable depiction of sexual pleasures, with the explicit rhymes, “wanna eat that pu***y like groceries” encapsulating what this tune is all about. TRIZZY doesn’t hold back in his description of his insatiable desire for physical intimacy and does not shy away from expressing his sexual needs.

“I Cheated” sees the artist don his playboy attire, backed by a tone of defiance, as he confronts his ex-lover, whom he describes with explicit terms, unleashing his unfiltered thoughts with explicit bars and showcasing his skills in rap-sung vocals. This track really encapsulates Trell’s artistic approach to intense and interesting narratives.

“I Need a Freak” featuring femcee Cookie The HBIC is another explicit banger summarized with the opening lines, “I need a freak bitch who down to fuck.” Trell doesn’t hold back in his description of sexual desire, using vivid imagery and wordplay to create a sensual atmosphere. The guest artist elevates the track further with her bold and explicit rhymes that embrace sensuality and desire with unfiltered candor, adding that female perspective to this banging tune that has been set to some pounding 808 and deep trap bass.

“Letter to My Unborn Child” sees a hurting HBK painfully express how he was denied the chance to be a father due to an abortion. He tells it like it is with some raw bars and emotional candor in a theme that doesn’t tip toe around the subject matter. The verses underscore how he was ready to be a father and how he knows he’d have made a good chance, but she took that away from him, which is something he will never forgive her for. The piano interludes over the trap percussive beats offer solid support for HBK’s exceptionally expressive vocals.

There is so much to enjoy from this entire album that is all about life—the good, bad, and extremely ugly.

Check out the link below, relish it, and let us know what you think about this project.

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