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Critically acclaimed indie alternative rock artist Big Bus Dream explores his subconscious in “Hello,” the sequel to his “C’mon Dream” collection.

It is not so often that you get a first-class experience of someone else’s dreams; indie alternative rock aficionado Big Bus Dream gives you unrestricted insight into his subconscious, where his dreams have been interpreted and delivered in the form of music with diverse appeal. As is commonly understood, we can never really control what we dream, and it is because of this logic that Big Bus Dream’s music is boundless. He represents a remarkable departure from the conventional and mundane, exploring the themes in his unconscious mind through a diverse musical palette.

Having established his presence in the realm of alternative rock music with his 13-song collection “C’mon Dream,” which was well received by fans and critics alike, he has fulfilled his promise of delivering a sequel to this project with the release of his new album, “Hello.”

“Hello” features 12 tracks, offering a 42-minute and 32-second transcendental listening experience that transcends mere listening to become an experience. This album is an exploratory odyssey into his mental landscape, interpreting his dreams through music, and in return, we get music with timeless appeal.

I feel that the more I listen to the title track “Hello,” the more I actually fall in love with it, if for nothing else than how catchy and infectious it is. Big Bus Dream’s velvety vocals serenade listeners in beautifully indescribable ways as his memorable, repeated phrases envelop a listener with an anthemic allure.


“Crisis of the Mind” is a bit deep and dark, with an authentic appeal and haunting allure. This is one of those performances that leaves you with something to reflect on long after the final notes have disappeared. The exquisite guitar technique on display is also awe-inspiring.

“You’re Always on My Mind” is another emotional and melancholic piece that features a charming guitar intro that sets a mellow tone and provides the perfect backdrop for Big Bus Dream’s rich, silken, and delicately glossy voice as he sings with pure emotions, capturing the thematic essence of the track with poignant lyrics.

For the lovers in the house, “Tell Me You Love Me” is the ideal ballad to enjoy as you prepare to go out on a date or if sharing music is your love language. Either way, the song’s intimate lyrics and passionate delivery are bound to resonate with you in special ways.

Look, these are just four tracks from a dozen and Big Bus Dream would very much appreciate it if you listened to this album in its entirety, found your favorite jams, and added them to your playlist.

For more information on this album and so much more, check Big Bus Dream’s website at


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