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Step into a world of musical brilliance with Henry Ryeder’s eclectic new EP, “Tweepocalypse”

Music, as an art form, often serves as a source of therapy, and is a universal language, singer-songwriter and performer Henry Ryeder speaks in global rhythms. This artist draws from a wide variety of genres, including blues rock, southern rock, jazz-rock, and indie rock, while keeping his sound and style cohesive overall. He inspires a musical and visual art form experience that invites listeners to sing and dance.

Originally intended as a satire on the climate concerns of the white upper class, Henry’s new 4-track EP, ‘Tweepocalypse,’ might now serve a more serious purpose, given the undeniable reality of climate change affecting the world and his home city.

Delivered with Ryeder’s inimitable charisma, this EP’s diverse exploration of rock and blues solidifies Ryeder’s position as a voice resonating with many Americans.

The track “Melatonin” sparked something inside me; this is a soul-drenching performance that is heartfelt and immersive. You can feel the raw emotions that drove Henry to come up with such a genuine masterpiece, flanked by thought-provoking observations and hypnotic percussion.

Ryeder’s golden voice comes alive with such gracious clarity. His phrasing is incredible and allows the lyrics to fit in with the mood, provoking thoughts and imagery from within the listener. The layers and lyrical depth in this track showcase the maturity in Henry’s thoughts.

The awe-inspiring guitar work in “Back to You, Love” significantly enhances the song’s emotional impact. There is a feeling you get from this tune that is guaranteed to remain with you outside of the song.

In the opening track “I’m So Sexy,” Ryeder’s soulful, dreamy, and conversational voice glides through the rhythm and melody with a subtle confidence sure to have a lasting impression on the listener.

In its entirety, the “Tweepocalypse” EP is introspective, genre-defying, and backed by compelling narratives with deep emotional resonance.

Stream ‘Tweepocalypse’ on all major platforms using the link below, and let Ryeder’s music inspire your imagination and creativity.

To get up-close and personal with Henry Ryeder, follow him on:

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