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Idris Ocean Drops His New Introspectively Lyrical Melodic Hit Single “Van Gogh.”

Idris Ocean Van Gogh

Music has always been Idris Ocean’s creative outlet and the thing that helps him understand himself and everything else happening around him. As someone diagnosed with schizophrenia, I can only imagine how hard it is for him to process his own thoughts in real life, but music being the powerful tool it is, we have someone whom I hold in high regard, especially after listening to his debut project, “Van Gogh.” From that performance alone, I could tell that his future in the music industry would be nothing short of a colossal success!

Idris Ocean wants to be known for advancing music that focuses on higher consciousness, delivers thought-provoking lyrics constructive to the mindscape, and creates a form of spiritual connection with its listeners. He has it in him to be lyrically responsible and balanced while still speaking his truth, not to mention the artwork on his covers, which are really visual windows to the lyrics in his music.

“Van Gogh” has already been unanimously acclaimed, with more than 1.4 million streams on Spotify alone. These tremendous numbers are deserved because a track like this really boils down to ultimate artistic perfection; it is authentic, timeless, deeply emotional, and entertaining!

Coming off very genre-bending, “Van Gogh” is that type of banger that whisks you to an emotionally affecting world that is colored with Ocean’s flow of thoughts, and you get to rest within the touchstone of his inner thoughts!

There are of course the emo-sounding features from the trap fillings, his vocal harmonies that come off dreamy underscore the orchestral sensibilities, the nostalgic beats also evoke an R&B-defined melodicism. Applying vivid lyricism over the hypnotic beats, he paints this tune with his feelings the same way Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Willem Van Gogh painted the world with his artwork!

“Van Gogh” is a must-have in your playlist, and I am about to give you the chance of your life; follow the attached link and add this masterpiece to your library!

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