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A Spectacular Sound Built On Sharp And Precise Arrangement, In Cursive’s Latest Project, “Lebronny Javo” is A Huge Testament To In Cursive’s Wide Artistic Range

In Cursive Lebronny Javo


In Cursive are a 6-group musical collective formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fronted by the lead vocalist and guitarist Joseph Brandt, the 6-piece blend the traditional and the unusual to cultivate an eclectic concoction of music that can be coined as psychedelic rock, their music is fuelled by emotional inquiry combined with an unquenchable thirst for creative output. “Lebronny Javo” is built on a sharp, precise arrangement to fashion what is by far a mesmerizing electric bonanza with a high-spirited groove that has an undeniably infectious exuberance that offers a gorgeous dazzling rock sound that rises from the acoustic, electric and bass guitars blended in irresistible fashion with the percussively layered drum machines that will make anyone move with exhilarated energy to its atmospheric vigor. This can light up a night party at a moment’s notice as each listener gravitates to its hard-hitting instrumentations.

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Taking matters into their own hands, the band’s instrument-playing ability is the true highlight of this organic instrumentation as they breathe fierce life into the triumphant composition. Once the gang hits the ground running, they never even once pauses for breath as they paint the environment with explosive energy armed with all the trademark sounds of classic rockability styles, the In Cursive 6-piece waste no time in making their mark, delivering a stellar opening cut performance, fiercely cementing their signature sound and delivering intensively -creating a fiery soundtrack that emerges from the sweet sounds of engines revving and the thunderous percussive drums. As the track builds, the boys unleash a timeless medley of electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar laying a steady foundation with a strong automotive anthem.

This instrumentation is a sharp, string-slapping blend of multiple styles, conjuring up gorgeous shades of the original rockability scene making it an outright joy to hear. The fast-paced, toe-tapping and wonderfully authentic anthemic textured sound has taken lead from a broad selection of styles with its more nuanced, expressive side of its acoustic rock sound coming into play in this instance. This is a wielded brush and passionate sound that hits hard and drags a listener in an instance bridging the gap between stark human moments and wild untamable energy offering a unique perspective that only In Cursive can deliver.

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