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Minnesota-based band Indecent Proposal’s new music video for their latest single, “Behind Her Eyes” is such an outstanding work of art.

Based in Duluth, MN, Indecent Proposal stands out with their unique style. There is something undeniably extraordinary about them that announces itself effortlessly through their wide-ranging sound that explores new territories and uncharted waters in order to come up with something that is both uniquely different but still has that instant appeal. When it comes to their music, you’ll hear elements of pop, rock, funk, and soul, all seamlessly merged into one package. Each member’s remarkable resume highlights their collective strength, where each and every member gets a platform to showcase their talents and shine in the limelight. The result is a melting pot of success, which is the band’s distinguishing feature. It is in their individual uniqueness that their collective power and star quality are found.

Indecent Proposal are currently riding the high waves following the release of their new jam, “Behind Her Eyes” which has been accompanied by a stunningly expressive and refreshingly creative music video.

The scene opens with a dim stage light shining on one band member who gently pulls the guitar strings before the stage opens fully to a background musical-like setting as the rest of the band members perform with such heartfelt conviction.

I just love the creativity in this music video. The scenes here are just as powerful as the music itself, captivating the viewer from start to finish. It is actually like how a musical performance is integrated into a film while the plot is being built, and it is so in sync that you just find yourself wholly immersed in all of it!

A performance spanning pop and rock thanks to the sweet-sounding and soulful vocals, impeccable guitar picking, insane bass licks, and powerful drums, “Behind Her Eyes” is a radio-ready anthem that deserves the critical acclaim it has been receiving.

The music video already has over 67K YouTube views and counting! To feed yourself something ethereally fulfilling and visually stunning, follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Indecent Proposal’s YouTube channel, like the video, share it, and add the jam to your own playlist?


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