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Indonesia-Based Singer-Songwriter Isa Raja’s single, “I Gotta Stop,” is a masterclass in alternative rock!

Isa Raja is an Indonesian singer-songwriter with a career spanning over a decade, which began as early as his high school days before being elevated when he reached the finals in a national singing contest. Over the years he has been in the music industry, he has collaborated with gifted musicians from all over and has gone on to win over fans and critics alike with his unvarnished musicianship, authenticity, and lyricism that borrows from relatable events either from his own life or from those close to him.

“I Gotta Stop” is one of those musical products that were birthed from his previous experience with his ex, and he found a way to channel those emotions into this musical masterpiece with stylistic roots in alternative rock.

The instrumentation here is quite relentless, and the lyricism is bold, delivered with such a powerful punch as Raja packs an appropriate punch and drives the emotions with his self-assured voice that is such a delight to listen to.

At their heart, the lyrics in this track explore the kind of situation where you feel it’s appropriate to go with the flow in a relationship…not rushing things or looking way further ahead than is necessary. To kind of let the relationship develop its own wings along the way—a situation that not everyone involved might fully understand!

Isa Raja’s performance over the mic leaves nothing to be desired, as he vividly paints pictures with his words and allows the listener to find their own relatability within his lyrics. The catchy repeated lines add to the anthemic vibe, while the powerfully played riffs contribute to the melodic edge of the song.

If you love alternative rock, you will likely find much to appreciate in this bona fide anthem that deserves a spot on any rock playlist.

To satisfy your craving for alternative rock, follow the attached link and add this undeniable piece to your music library.


You can also catch up with Isa Raja by following him on Instagram.

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