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Up-and-coming DJ and producer, Its Liam Andrews, delivers an energetic and uplifting performance with his latest single, “Better.”

Its Liam Andrews’ ardency towards music production, diverse sounds, and testing the bounds of music theory was initiated at an early age. With this foundation, he accelerated into his current status as a respected producer and DJ. At only 19 years old, Its Liam Andrews has pursued music and quickly began installing quantifiable impacts that have set the pace for positive social and entertainment trajectories. And he does this while also inspiring aspiring producers to leave their own unique marks within transient space.

His distinct and unique sound stems from his natural ability to transition sounds energetically and also from his unprecedented versatility in bridging the production of rhythm, sound syntax, and vocals that engage diverse audiences. Consequently, Its Liam Andrews’ work has illuminated throughout the music sector, impressively winning widespread acclaim; his latest single, “Better” for example, was played at BBC Radio Solent.

“Better” is a raw and timeless masterpiece, no matter how you look at it. It is energetic and uplifting, with an immersive and ethereal side to the arrangement backed by the enchanting and captivating female vocals that breathe life into the lyrical narrative of the song in a beautiful and haunting manner.

The intro is striking, with minimal synths and ethereal pads setting the tone for the song before alluring female vocals join the mix, allowing the song to build up before the deep-phased bass and dense beat fashion a melodic backdrop that adds more ambiance and personality to the overall track.

The sound of the track is characterized by its fast tempo and driving bass line, an unusual progressive feel, a host of layers of electronic sounds, and soaring melodies that are strikingly cinematic. This makes for a very rich and dynamic sonic landscape.

“Better” draws inspiration from a toxic relationship setting with one partner finally seeing the light and deciding to call it quits because they know and deserve “Better”

And since you, dear listener, deserve “Better” too, we couldn’t be more excited to recommend to you this special banger that is now streaming on all the popular platforms.

Follow the attached link and live through it like a religious experience, and don’t forget to add it to your playlist.

Follow Its Liam Andrews on Instagram for real-time updates on his other projects.

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