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Rap Duo IVO & KeiMo really snapped on “Devil’s Hold”

IVO & KeiMo, a polished 2-piece hip hop and rap duo, are based out of Chicago and Washington D.C. who bare their souls to create the powerful hip hop music often lacking in today’s mainstream. They are as authentic and raw as it gets, vividly painting pictures with their words; their critically acclaimed masterpiece, “Devil’s Hold,” displays such unvarnished authenticity, lyricism, and musicianship.

The way the both of them speak to the mic like it’s their personal diaries is something that will ingratiate itself naturally to any listener. This track transcends rapid-fire freestyles, masterful flows, and hard-hitting rhymes…this is a deeply relevant and relatable message from both artists’ hearts and soul.

The way they both bare their souls out over the heavy production is exactly why major record labels are in a bidding war to win over this duo, who are certainly the hotcakes in the music scene right now.

And back to this track: that bar game is heavy, and I also love how at some point the beat switches and the two of them start trading verses like blows, swiftly and effortlessly landing each sick verse and cerebral wordplay with such an artful ferocity like they are some professional mixed martial art fighters.

This is how you kill a beat… IVO & KeiMo utterly dominate here, captivating even the harshest critics with their poise, ingenuity, and skill.

“Devil’s Hold” was born from the trials and tribulations of both artists. It has not been an easy ride for the both of them, and this performance is an ode to a dark past that they clearly were able to overcome.

So as you push the play button, each bar, each sick flow, and each thought-provoking rhyme feel like a chapter from any person’s story, and this makes this a must-have for any music lover.

To run it up for IVO & KeiMo, follow the attached link, give the accompanying visual a thumbs up, share your thoughts under the comment section, and add this banger to your playlist.


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