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James WLDE Breaks New Ground in His Hit Single “Issues”

Although youthfulness is often associated with talent, it is hard to believe that an artist as young as James WLDE can possess a degree of melodic aptitude that is foreign to the ancients. A small sample of this 21-year-old’s sound will have you dancing with the angels as you thank the music gods for allowing celestial tunes to find expression in terrestrial creatures. Having Irish descent has not in any way hindered this London-based musical prodigy from producing mellifluous strains overflowing with the gold dust of past legends and present stars.

In fact, it will only take a few seconds of listening to pick up on the artistic brilliance that James WLDE has received from his world-renowned uncle, Sinead O’Connor. The influence of other alternative maestros like Kate Bush, Frank Ocean, and Radiohead is also glaringly evident in James’ hard-hitting tracks.

Besides being a musical wunderkind, James is also an acclaimed model and actor, as evidenced by the skillfulness with which he communicates. Since releasing his debut single, “So Sweet” in 2022, fans simply can’t get enough of James’ distinctive ballads that juxtapose the nostalgic sentiment of former romantic adventures with the undying hope of finding true love again. If you want a remedy for the heartbreak that confronts the deep wounds in your soul without breaking the tenderness of your spirit, James WLDE has got you covered.

His latest single, “Issues” is one of the most intriguing pieces of art I have ever encountered. In this unconventional composition, James uses the experimental pop canvas to sculpt a musical masterpiece that most creative icons could only dream of. Through his dynamic writing style and multiplicity of textures, this trans-generational whiz kid tells a compelling story. He uses his artistic ingenuity to talk about how life’s incessant troubles are working round-the-clock to rob us of the dignity and delight in being human. From the despondency of lost love to the depression of living large, James paints a picture of a journeyman jealously guarding his light from the talons of the night’s swallowing darkness.

The consistent drumbeats that begin this vampire-themed ditty remind me of how it must feel to be part of a marching platoon that is traversing enemy territory without any certainty of returning back to their loved ones. Once James’ breathy voice and melancholic tone take center stage, having a stimulating outer body experience is a foregone conclusion. It will do you well to include this fascinating work of art in your playlist. To catch up with James WLDE and his upcoming CLRS EP, stay tuned on:

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