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Jason Bradley’s “Our Troubled Hearts” is a rock anthem that encapsulates the ailments of our world and echoes the yearnings of our hearts.

There is music you listen to, and from just the first play, you can tell that it will stay with you forever. This was the feeling I experienced when listening to Jason Bradley’s critically acclaimed rock single, “Our Troubled Hearts” off of his debut album of the same title. The hardest thing for a musician is to actually tug at a listener’s heartstrings, and Jason achieves this feat with exemplary competency. The way he vividly paints pictures with his words is this catchy and infectious masterpiece in a nutshell. And the weight of meaning behind the lyrics makes it a bona fide standout that I’d happily recommend to any music lover.

As I mentioned, from the very beginning, this track feels special. The smoothly laid drums and subtle background riffs set the tone, allowing for the song to gradually and gently build for a good 30 seconds before Jason breathes life with his immensely expressive vocals.

And when we talk about authenticity, when you can feel something and it moves you, this track feels like the most authentic thing I’ve listened to today. I appreciate the clean vocals, which still possess an undeniable rock ‘snarl’ ideal for this style.

You can feel the power, the attitude, and the raw emotions as the song progresses and its intensity is heightened; the guitars, drums, and bass clash with an uncontainable and compelling energy and merge with the vocals for one outstanding body of work that gets you heavily invested throughout.

The lyrics explore our disturbed world as it is—how we are being taught to hate, fight, and kill each other. It reminisces about a carefree childhood, evoking a desire to return, even briefly, to a time without the burdens of adulthood.

“Our Troubled Hearts” has been quite a success, with over 20K Spotify streams—a showcase of how it has made its appeal to diehard fans as well as new listeners.

Take your time to listen to this masterpiece, and I know you will love it. I highly recommend sharing it with friends or strangers; the world could benefit from its powerful message.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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