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Pittsburgh-based musician Jason Myrla’s “Night Club” is an ode to classic funk and soul.

The exposure Jason Myrla got to Funk and Soul in his native Pittsburgh club scene is what ultimately inspired this new jam that sees him dip his feet into a classic landscape. The result is a distinctive soul and funk masterpiece that feels timeless and is ear-catching. He also showcases his virtuosic guitar techniques with some exquisite fingerpicking finesse. I mean, the intro alone is alluring, as the solo immediately wraps around a listener like a warm embrace.

This track has been built around an infectious groove that makes you want to move. The rhythmic foundation is created by tight drum patterns, funky basslines, and syncopated guitar riffs. The end result is a strong, danceable beat that is the hallmark of the song.

Jason’s immensely expressive and soulful vocals breathe life into this captivating masterpiece as he showcases such expressive prowess and occasional improvisation to keep you heavily invested.

The track is enhanced with depth, elegance, and crystal-clear polish by the powerful horn section. The punchy horn section, featuring the trombone and saxophone, contributes to the excitement the music generates, as Jason solidifies his presence with catchy, memorable hooks that are easy to sing along to.

While the groove here is paramount, the melodies are subtly sophisticated and expressive, adding depth to the overall musical experience.

The instrumentation in “Night Club” is characterized by its precision and appropriateness. Each instrument here plays a specific role, and the interplay between them creates a cohesive and well-balanced sound you’d listen to all day long without getting bored!

The progression of the lyrics complements the musical structure, creating a seamless narrative flow that enhances the overall listening experience.

This ear candy has an enduring quality that transcends trends. Jason achieves timelessness through the seamless combination of musical craftsmanship, easily quotable and relatable lyrics, and emotional resonance.

This is a captivating and enduring tune that is already winning hearts and minds based on the massive stream numbers it has amassed so far. If anything, this track is guaranteed to cement its place in the musical canon across generations…it will still feel the same way a decade from now. You can bank on that!

Add “Night Club” to your playlist and follow Jason Myrla everywhere to get up close and personal with him.


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