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American Rapper, Singer, and Recording Artist JAY2BREEZY Comes Swinging With “BBB (Big Booty Bitches)” off of “From Broke to Paid”

Hailing from Syracuse, NY, hip hop and rap emcee, singer, and musician JAY2BREEZY’s emergence in the rap game is truly noteworthy; even as an up-and-coming young artist in the game, he has achieved quite a lot and is constantly working to take his name to the highest level and prove any remaining doubters wrong. His music is all about overcoming struggles and celebrating wins. He just wants the rap conversation to reflect his immense talent. When you mention promising talents in hip-hop and rap out there right now, JAY2BREEZY has to be in that conversation…it’s non-negotiable!

JAY2BREEZY’s recent work, culminating in his new album “From Broke To Paid,” ups the ante on all fronts, showcasing more of his personal journey than ever before, making it a must-have for hip hop music aficionados.

“BBB (Big Booty Bitches)”, a single off this album, is an explicit, hard-charging track. With a bare-knuckle approach, JAY2BREEZY delivers aggressive, punchy rhymes over heavy production.

This track features deep-phased bass that is so powerful it could rattle the floor and truly shake up its listener. JAY2BREEZY is a rarity among upcoming male rappers; his sound is unbounded and limitless, reflecting the versatility of his creativity. This sets him apart from other aspiring performers and rappers.

JAY2BREEZY is a rarity among upcoming male rappers whose sound acknowledges no bounds or limits…choosing instead to be as versatile as his creativity can allow, and that is what separates him from other wannabe performers and rappers.

A club-banger in its own right, I have no doubt that rap music devotees will appreciate what JAY2BREEZY offers here!

To enjoy this banging masterpiece, follow the attached link, and for that wholesome listening experience, I’d suggest listening to it at full-blast volume. You won’t want to break away from the captivating mood it immerses you in.

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