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Latino Trap Enthusiast Jhoan Releases a Spanish Spine-Tingling Romanticized Ballad “Maquina Del Tiempo”

Jhoan Maquina Del Tiempo

Jonathan Veliz, professionally known by his stage name Jhoan, is a Virginia-based singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer who has all the components of an exceptional Latino singer. He’s got the smooth-talking, free-flowing singing and rap vocals with the right mix of the delicious Spanglish that melt into the melodic instruments of his tracks. With hints of the urban genre, Jhoan creates a harmonious blend of different genres such as reggaeton, Latin trap, and dancehall for that rich new take on Latin music.

Crafting an icon image as a legend in the music industry takes a deep understanding of the art of music and the framework behind it, something that Jhoan has endlessly shown to possess at his artistic arsenal. Beyond being a vocalist he is also a prodigious producer and engineer crafting his melodies from the barebones into robust jams. He is dedicated to rise to a household name in the mainstream scene as his passion-laced tracks refreshingly wash over listeners globally making it the type of uniquely blended music you’d wish to share with someone special!

His latest release “Maquina Del Tiempo” is a thrilling romantic ballad that serves as a reminder of those goosebumps rising and the butterflies in the stomach feeling of a new love. The kind of love that draws two people close together and ignites that spark that feels like it can never be put off! With every color of the delicious Spanish lyrics, a listener is lost in that nostalgic magical moments that first love brings with it! This track is luxuriously melodic and finely calibrated to the brim with that quintessential Latin-infused flavorful sense of rhythm and groove.

Jhoan has crafted a brilliantly authentic slice of spice Latin songwriting that makes even the stiffest listener want to get up and dance the night away like no one’s watching with that music-inspired euphoric state that the melody brings. Jhoan has done an outstanding job of blending a plethora of intriguing melodic ideas together with a sense of unbridled energy to give listeners an experience filled with liveliness, awesomeness and charisma

The music video is a raw and visual treat with the high-quality and cinematic images expertly mixed with equally cutting edge clips of Jhoan delivering an array of Latin flows candidly! To get a taste of this Latin excellence, follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel, watch the official music, like it and leave a comment below of how the music made you feel. To date Jhoan has been swiftly adding to his repertoire of productions and has 2 EPs and 1 album. He is surely destined for success!

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