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Music composer and recording artist John Kline offers a medicinal portion with “Rixile Elixir.”

This transparent, revealing, and intricate 10-piece album by John Kline, a renowned composer based in Mobile, Alabama, is a testament to his lifelong passion for music. Kline’s music is exceptionally versatile, holding close to his personal stories and maintaining a level of individuality that stands tall throughout. As a composer, he wields the power of guitar and percussive instruments, strumming and tinkling his way through melodies that resonate with the soul.

Creating music is his passion, which allows him to express his deepest utopian thoughts and connect with listeners on a higher conscious level. Join him in this journey as he explores the joys and tribulations of life, delves into the unknown, and explores the deep, uncharted melodic waters in ways that he only can.

If you are looking for that ray of bright morning sunshine, then look no further than Kline’s latest album, “Rixile Elixir,” which can be summarized as a beautifully haunting exploration of emotion and sound that captivates a listener’s soul, transports them to different worlds, and provides respite from the harsh realities of life.

This is music for the body, mind, and soul…all you have to do is let loose and let the music take control, and as you do, you will soon realize the magic that such music wields!

“Neurogenesis” starts us off on this unforgettable musical journey that is brimming with melody and rhythm and such compositional dexterity and limitless creativity from an artist who has always remained slightly ahead of the curve as well as naturally adapting to his surroundings with such stylistic flexibility.

Delivered with such creative finesse, this track delivers an ongoing thrill of rock, due to an ambitious blend of raw riffs and vibrant percussive elements that boast such great sonic clarity and warmth. This track is also cinematic and highly energetic enough to get anyone dancing with reckless abandon.

“Happy Little Echoes” is like listening to the waves of water with nothing but a clear head and a bright vision. That combination of the guitar, piano, drums, and other percussive instruments is so smooth and melodic that you just don’t wish for its end.

The tranquil nature of this music promotes introspection, and clarity of thought, and fosters a magical experience.

“Friday Song” is the perfect summer hit for your playlist. This entrancing body of work has a feel-good, top-down, sunny vibe and is fun throughout, offering the perfect mood for that weekend getaway.

This is the kind of music that allows you to forget about all the worries of the world, let loose and enjoy the moment even if for just those four minutes.

“Drive to Mobile” is another marvelous standout that features a rock flavored melody that fits in beautifully with the track’s arrangement. While the track obviously has so many strong elements, I was in awe of those intensively hit riffs which are my favorite bits.

“Agent of Change” has an inescapable classic thrill flanked by such depth and crystal clear polish added by that wind instrument that has been added with such gracious and spacious intimacy to round out an all-round impressive sound.

“Made it Home” features the stylistic caliber of Country music with an undeniably addicting and memorable line that is guaranteed to take up residence in the mind of the listener for the rest of the day.

“Rixile Elixir” is a solid 10 and an undeniable masterclass in instrumental music transcendence and its impressive how there’s something for everyone…Kline made sure of that.

This is the kind of album you listen to in its entirety without cherry picking via remote button- to do exactly that, follow the attached link and sink your teeth deep into this musical excellence!

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