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Dive into the poignant narrative of Jordon Frank’s lyric contest-winning track, “Can’t Hold The River.”

From a young age, American folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jordon Frank, based out of Cincinnati, OH, recognized the profound power of music, but it was at the sophomore year in high school that Jordon really discovered his true calling as a songwriter. Immersed in the inventive process of songwriting, he quickly witnessed firsthand the beauty that emerges when pen touches the pad and thoughts start flowing—a creation that transcends time itself.

Jordon is currently celebrating a commendable feat with his new track, “Can’t Hold The River,” that made him the winner for the American Songwriter Spring Breakup Lyric Contest Promotion.

With nothing but impeccable guitar fingerpicking technique and openly vulnerable lyrics, “Can’t Hold The River” draws inspiration from personal experience and emotions, capturing the raw feelings of the inevitable end of a relationship, accelerated by stubbornness and toxicity from both partners.

This is that somewhat sad realization that the ship has already sunk and the situation cannot be remedied. The lyrics, “Best to beat the storm before the thunder rolls,

It’s not an easy thing, trying to fly with broken wings.

You’ve got to close the book before the story’s told,” as well as the chorus, “We can keep trying till we find our way

Or we can listen to what other people say

It’s a cold dark work when it looks that way

But you can’t hold the river when it runs away” perfectly captures the track’s essence and the raw human emotions that drive it.

Jordon’s voice is as pure, raw, and real as it gets, unaffected by production and carrying such depth of emotion and inescapable melancholy at this somber realization. It is the fact that you can feel the emotions through his voice that really allows you to connect with the song on a deeper emotional level.

With this song, Jordon forges that deep connection with his listener and invites them to find their own narratives within his heartfelt lyrics born of heartbreak.

“Can’t Hold The River” is now available on popular streaming platforms, including Spotify. Follow the attached link and savor this vulnerable songwriting from one of the best folk songwriters out of Ohio.

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