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American independent artist Joseph Nevels delivers a soul-drenching performance in his latest song, “WATER”

Joseph Nevels’ music journey began as a way to express nuanced emotions through songwriting and singing where words fail. As an avid storyteller, Nevels draws inspiration from his personal experiences and hardships, enabling him to create music that invokes strong emotions.

Nevels has connected with fans worldwide with his signature sound that pairs 90s-inspired soul and cutting edge modern beats with relatable and representative lyrics. At his core, Nevels is a cross-genre, cross-disciplinary creator and educator, dedicating his life to creative projects and empowerment initiatives.

“WATER” is a single off of his upcoming project dubbed “Abide,” which is expected sometime in the summer.

Unleashing a heartfelt and soul-drenching performance, Nevels flows through this song the same way it flows through him. With a gracious, crystal-clear voice that is just as powerful as it is gentle, he gently glides through this song effortlessly, demonstrating his incredible range and shaping the melody around it.

The way he is able to display his vocal dynamism in this one tune is truly mesmerizing. With “Water,” Nevels has taken indie playlists by storm.

This song stretches out Nevels’ artistic ability while showcasing his versatility in genres. The significant streaming numbers that this song has garnered in a short span of time speak volumes about its resonating quality.

“WATER” features a compelling narrative at its heart about things that may seem fulfilling on the surface but still wield equal power to draw us in.

The emotive depth and vibe of this track echo the feelings evoked by Frank Ocean’s “Lost”

With a deeply soulful, smooth, and haunting voice, incredible songwriting, and outstanding production, “WATER” is an undeniable masterpiece that any music lover would appreciate.

For an intimate listening experience, find “WATER” on your favorite streaming platform.

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