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Embrace the Life of the Party as Jourdan Jade Releases the Official Music Video for “Light up That Weed” Featuring Rapper Nef the Pharaoh

Jourdan Jade Light up That Weed

Jourdan Jade represents the face of female excellence with the way she maneuvers through the vast and highly competitive music world, managing to make a name for herself in the musical world of fascinating indie, R&B, and Hip-hop. She is a lyrically gifted singer and songwriter recording in her Vallejo, CA-based studio. Her much-anticipated debut EP “Jaded” is set to be released in March 2022.

Coming together with versatile rapper Nef the Pharaoh who is a lyrical genius who spits bars like a fax machine, the charmingly laid-back melodic track “Light Up That Weed” – a track that pays homage to the more reminiscent and nostalgically delicious style of the south was born! This track will make its case across the majority of music lovers with its rich melody, formidable tonal balance, and the charming quality of the artistically balanced instrumentations at its core. This is music to be enjoyed over a half glass of bourbon and some weed to go with it!

“Light Up The Weed,” a radiantly R&B-fueled, Hip-hop influenced laid-back melodic music that merges proficient performances with a clear devotion to the party and feel-good vibes that run through it, is a track full of rhythmic quality and a massive amount of passion. Jourdan Jade delivers an exceptional performance that is infused with both purpose and a colossal amount of conviction, vibrating through the instruments with her fantastically soulful vocal presence that intriguingly helps inject the track with a hearty dosage of enjoyment. Nef the Pharaoh asserts his lyrical presence in embellished form, punching through some hard blows in stunning fashion like an artistic guru.

The high quality of this music brings the party scene to life, with the gathering crowd enjoying the melody to the fullest, displaying a larger-than-life presence in a house-party setting. The moving images and rhythmic quality, backed magnificently by the mellifluous vocals and intricate wordplay, are the heart and soul of this song, complementing one another and helping to tenfold the effectiveness of the lyrics and designing a tantalizing amount of flair for the video to keep a viewer glued to their screens.

It’s no surprise that Jourdan Jade was selected 2022 “Musician of the Year” by the OC Cannabis Awards. You can watch this music video with your friends and family while giving it a thumbs up, writing a remark, and sharing it, not forgetting to play it as your smoking anthem!

Jade’s star is blazing brightly, and it will be exciting to be a part of her triumph. I’m looking forward to her upcoming first EP, which promises to be pure bliss!

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