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Authentic Musician KalleFORnia SurferBOY Gives a Complete Performance in “Called It (Woohoo)”

KalleFORnia SurferBOY has always wanted the world to experience authentically tapped and passionately delivered music and that is why he took it upon himself to change the status quo by telling relatable tales atop melodic productions. Armed with a mesmerizing and magnetic singing style, this virtuosic singer and songwriter have actually been opening a brand new horizon to his unparalleled soundscape as he encapsulates the true essence of songcraft with his deep lyrical performances, breathing life into his equally meaningful narratives.

“Called it (Woohoo)” has all the markings of a viral hit, from the first note all the way to the last one. This is such a surreal listening experience that pins you to within a place and time of your choosing, setting off memories that stay with you forever; – and it feels like KalleFORnia SurferBOY is singing to you live!

KalleFORnia SurferBOY has got that particular voice that is just perfect for bringing out the gentle nuance and emotional qualities of this splendid tune whose melodies predominantly rise from within the blissfully hit guitar.

Hit with such craftsmanship and panache, the laid-back yet audible guitar provides the perfect bed of support for KalleFORnia SurferBOY’s lively performed and gracefully nurtured vocals to thrive and flourish they do!

As the tune progresses, there is just a way KalleFORnia SurferBOY keeps coming hard, oozing charisma, raw talent and deserved acclaim that makes you fall in love with this track even more. And what’s even more fascinating is just how it gets better with every successive listening experience.

“Called it (Woohoo)” is a tune I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone because it boasts all the qualities of a genuine masterpiece that cannot be denied by its listeners.

To get a taste of this heavenly-sounding piece; follow the attached link, add it to your library, and share it everywhere!

KalleFORnia SurferBOY can be found on:

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