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Memphis-based sensational duo KARMA bring the heat with “Broke Boy”

“For KARMA, the spectacular crossover duo based in Memphis, genres and styles are secondary. When they enter the recording booth, they don’t focus on fitting their music into a specific genre. Instead, they draw inspiration from their surroundings and aim to produce music with near-universal appeal. Drawing inspiration from their experiences and surroundings, KARMA has infused this drive into their music, which has now become like a beacon for artistic vision and a trampoline from which ideas bounce off.

KARMA are currently making headlines with their epic banger and summer hit anthem dubbed “Broke Boy – Radio Edit”- an enticing concoction of hip hop, rap and R&B that is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks!

The energy here is unmatched and infectious, the beat is sick, and the flows are way too slick. Set to an upbeat and catchy bouncing beat, this banger is best enjoyed at maximum volume as you shake whatever it is your mama gave you.

On the mic, the duo brings a level of unique lyrical narrative that is both fun, cheeky, and hard-hitting; rounding out each performance with the captivating hook that makes this a sing-along anthem.

The production is top-notch, the arrangement is stupendous, and the execution is first-rate. The beat is a seamless fit with their energetic delivery, which makes you want to vibe to this banger on repeat!

This track has been warmly received by an eager set of fans who can’t seem to keep off its unmistakable energy, infectious thrill and top-drawer performance unleashed by this duo, who are at the summit of their creative expression.

This is the kind of music you dance to like no one’s watching and sing along to like no one’s listening as you crank the volume all the way up!

No shade to broke boys in real life, but KARMA ate this up and left no crumbs; a testament of the power of music as a form of creative expression!

To enjoy this performance, follow the attached link, add this song to your own stunning catalog, and share it widely with your friends.

To get up-close and personal with KARMA, follow them on Instagram.

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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