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Israel Bound Artist Karma Town Releases a Thrilling and Emotional-Filled Invigorating Synth Pop “Oh No” – The First Single off of His Upcoming Album

Karma Town Oh No

Jump and feel the power as the heavy hit of melodic brilliance resonates heavily across your broken heart; unlike all the other melancholic ballads, this implores you to get up and dance albeit with a heavy heart that you really can’t explain. If anyone in the streets stops and asks you what you are listening to, tell them “Oh No!” This is the sweet and euphonious sound of none other than the Israelite emerging pop artist Karma Town who just released a disruptive new tuneful pop smash “Oh No” off of his upcoming album. This is the track you want to listen to after that still fresh and biting breakup where you don’t know what to do or whether that is what you really wanted. It is best enjoyed over that toxicity trait-loving attitude and some obscenely large amounts of bourbon to down your pain and sorrows!

There is a plethora of invigorating and absorbing ideas right from the melodic affluence to the lyrical memorability and catchiness! This track affords the diversity and uniqueness of flourishing pop elements and the colorful bassline sits well in the mix giving this track its timeless motif. His vocals shine through the instrumentation with great clarity and precision and the way that the various elements of the melody bounce off one another creating a joyous moment of euphonious unity is astonishing, to say the least.

The captivating elements in this track capture the essence, tonality, and soundscape of the innovative synth-pop magnificently and the music video which epitomizes pure perfection is a visual treat with the raw images depicting a love story of what used to be as Karma and her female companion do their best to bring out the scenes from the lyrics.

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