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Multi-Disciplinary American Songstress Kat Caroline Has a New Deep and Meaningful Anthem Dubbed “Shooting Star.”

Kat Caroline - Shooting Star

As an eclectic and prolific singer-songwriter, Kat Caroline is never afraid to test the depth of her artistry by adroitly managing to fit into a diverse world of genres, including dance pop, funk, and soul. Her music honors the golden age foundation, and her songwriting artisanship ensures she delivers messages that stir your soul. Her passion for social issues, life, and love flows through her one-of-a-kind voice that is captivating and soulfully raw. As someone who always possessed an insatiable passion for music ever since she was of tender age, she is now living out her dream in music and couldn’t be prouder!

At its core, Kat Caroline’s latest anthem, “Shooting Star,” has reassuring lyrics and ear-dropping vocals that are bound to keep a listener glued till the end of the song. The invigorating nature of the beats makes it physically impossible to listen to this masterpiece without moving!

With what feels like such a seamless blend of nostalgic pop with the indisputably infectious club pop, “Shooting Star” is not devoid of that infectious energy. Kat Caroline has got that incredible voice that really fits in with her style as she brings out the gentle nuances and spirited quality of the tune.

This is a motivational ballad to encourage someone to keep pushing and believing in their dreams and to do only those acts that are in forceful alignment with the resident hero that sits at their most wise foundation.

The beats are invigorating, the lyrics are deep and empowering, and the vocals are just mellifluous and ear worming!

“Shooting Star” is a radio staple from start to finish and is set to elevate Kat Caroline to international acclaim.

To experience such depth of honesty, artistic maturity, and deserved acclaim, follow the attached link and let this track boost your playlist as much as your spirits!






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