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It certainly feels like the era of Keba Musiq has arrived!

Keba Musiq is a multi-gifted powerhouse, with her creative career spanning a number of disciplines: she is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer. She comes, as you might say, as the whole package. Representing the west coast ingeniously, she delivers powerful, energetic, and soulful vocals backed by thought-provoking, intimate songwriting and catchy hooks that resonate with fans and critics alike.

Keba Musiq’s lyrical prowess and unique eclecticism set her apart from her peers in the worlds of R&B, hip-hop, and soul. Her ability to deliver hard-hitting rhymes and sing heartwarmingly with a touch of vulnerability makes her music authentic and relatable.

Her debut 2021 album, “Girl Talk” which consists of 13 masterpieces with to-die-for collaborations in there, introduced forth a songstress with the aim of taking over. This album feels like emotional, sexual, and spiritual liberation for her.

She comes off confident, and the result of that is a creatively fulfilled version of Keba Musiq the world has yet encountered. This album was a different kind of achievement, which isn’t playing the numbers game.

It’s the shining, deluxe, sophisticated, and at times edgy sounds of Keba Musiq’s creative heart. This entire collection is the sound of constricting shackles crashing to the floor, of boundaries joyfully breached; – a sound of a talent discovering what it means to be truly free.

As a lover of the records from the 90s and early 2000, I dig Keba’s Music 100, and I’ve got quite a few favorites from the collection that I go back to from time to time; “Real Shit” featuring SBA1 & Teeflii, “Safety” featuring Cuzzy Capone, “Ass Right” featuring Roscoe, Reassurance,” and “Love Won’t Wait” left a lasting impression on me!

Keba Musiq is also set to be part of history, yes, you read that right. Keba will be part of an all-female album, “The Diamond Collective,” that is bringing together all the baddest west coast femme fatale under the guidance of one legendary producer, Dae One.

“The Diamond Collective” is set to reach epic heights and claim an unrivaled high; having the guidance of someone like Dae One brings experience far beyond reach because he has always been someone who makes magic happen.

You are now cruising the era of Keba Musiq; you better approach cautiously lest you step too hard on a gem!

Follow Keba Musiq on Instagram for more insight into her creative world!

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