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Phenomenally Talented Songstress Keta Loren’s New Single “Demons” Is Set to Mark a New Direction for the Singer.

Keta Loren Demons

She is an artist who embodies a true eclectic powerhouse; she simply has refused to stand still, and why should she? Multitalented singer-songwriter, author, model, and content creator Keta Loren revels in versatility. She prides herself on her limitless creativity and versatility both as a songwriter and performer, and she is now set to explore the infinite diverse sonic landscapes with her new indie rock-inspired style that focuses on live instrumentation and beautifully haunting raw vocals.

To mark this new adventurous journey, her new single “Demons” is off of her upcoming “Raw” EP, a 6-track project that is set to be released song by song.

“Demons” has been delivered with a near-flawless execution and the attitude of an artist who has finally discovered what it’s like to be truly free. And she sings like a canary; belting out with her mellifluous golden voice as she packs an appropriate punch that will remain with the listener outside of this track.

The mellow, live, and stripped-back instrumentation that exudes that edge of rock provides solid support for Keta Loren’s sweet-sounding vocals to thrive with the emphasis placed on the bold lyrics and that unbridled vocal performance.

Keta Loren meaningfully impacts this track with her audacious performance that is full of heart and soul. You can tell this sound moves her, and she is really enjoying herself here, which makes the track more enticing.

I couldn’t be prouder of the new direction Keta Loren has decided to take. She’s such an inspiration who is not only rich in talent but also generous in spirit…such a role model and an incredible human being who is going to leave such a legacy.

“Demons” will be officially released for streaming on May 9, 2023. Trust me; this is a song you don’t want to miss out on.

The pre-save link is out, which we will attach here for you to put yourself a step further in anticipation for the release.

pre save

You can check out Keta Loren by following her on Instagram and TikTok to get inspired as well as entertained!

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