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Multifaceted Musical Artist K’eyla Brings A Fresh Wave To R&B With Her Track “Would You”, Set To Debut On All Major Platforms On October 13, 2023.

K’eyla is a rapidly rising hip-hop and R&B entertainer who finesses with sound, stretching the limits of the genres in a unique and easily accessible way. She possesses such an innate ability to deeply connect with her audiences that stems from her genuine lyrical adroitness to tap into the real-life world and deliver music that so many listeners can resonate with and in a way that they feel. A true wordsmith and songstress of her generation, she dons the alter ego BIG FINESSE, coming through as a vastly gifted musical star who isn’t afraid to delve deep into the creative process and bear her soul open for the listener to enjoy what she has to offer.

K’eyla is now gearing towards the release of her new single titled “Would You”—a raw masterpiece with a powerful theme at its core.

Many men expect their partners to support them through challenges, such as legal issues or other hardships. If roles were reversed, would the same loyalty be reciprocated? It’s a thought-provoking question.

Set to a catchy, absolutely danceable beat that spans contemporary trap influences with a heavy bass and built around 808 sounds supported by the familiar hi-hats, some striking synths, snares, and punchy drums, this beat is especially impactful and is a seamless fit to K’eyla’s expressive vocals.

On the mic, K’eyla unleashes her goddess’s incredibly golden and sexy voice, sliding through the track with unmistakable confidence in a sing-song style that impressively cuts across R&B and hip-hop.

At the track’s heart is that undeniably memorable chorus that is guaranteed to remain stuck in your head long after the track is no more!

“Would You” is an undeniable anthem, with the catchy lyrics and infectious hook adding to its anthemic weight and making sure that it stays with you long after the song is over.

“Would You” will officially drop on all major platforms on October 13, 2023. The pre-save link is out; check it out on K’eyla’s Instagram bio and make sure you follow her. She’s worth it!

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