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Rapper and artist King Supah bares his soul with his latest project, titled “Peace Hardly”

As someone who has gone through a great deal of tragedy from way back, including bullying, suffering some personal losses, and betrayal from close friends and family along the way, rapper and artist King Supah has developed quite an ironclad heart. After being let down by some of the closest people to him on multiple occasions, it’s safe to say that his trust doesn’t come easily, if at all. But the one thing that has allowed him to express all that pent-up anger, distasteful emotions, and rugged feelings has been music. With pen, paper, and the mic in his hands, this artist delivers real life without sugarcoating…exactly as it is, and so many listeners have come up and told him that he, on most occasions, tells their own stories with his voice and music where words fail!

And when you listen to King Supah’s latest project titled “Peace Hardly” you immediately understand why so many listeners find it relatable. I feel as an artist he exudes both creativity and vulnerability, seeing no shame in the latter because ultimately there’s nothing to be gained from pushing your feelings down. This is a project birthed from feelings of loneliness, sadness, and emotional turmoil delivered from this artist’s perspective, taking cues from personal experiences and raw emotions…sometimes delivered with a tone of defiance and resilience and other times with total dejection and defeated feelings.

“Me Vs Me” is deeply relatable, especially during these times when so many people are fighting silent battles that no one else knows about…we are all sometimes merely trying to find the shoreline. King Supah perfectly captures the essence of loneliness and depression and the need to end it all with his smart, straight-to-the-point bars over a stupendous production that further accentuates the weight of the lyrics. If you are feeling alone and have no one to talk to, this is the kind of song that you listen to, and it does wonders; in a way, it makes you feel less alone in your feelings…and it is also not short of technical dexterity that qualifies it as mainstream material, really!

“No Clothes” is another epic jam featuring guest emcee 6ix Nick, and this jam features a hypnotic beat and an 808-driven production, it is all about the emotional rollercoaster of relationships. His flows are hard and thought-provoking, as he provokes thoughts and imagery from within a listener’s mind with his textbook and autobiographical rap style.

The guitar intro in the title track, “Peace Hardly” catches the ear before King Supah goes on to bare his heart and soul in one of the most honest, introspective, and raw pieces from this album. Rhymes like “if I can’t trust my family tell me why would I need friends” hit me really hard. This tune is all about facing betrayal and being backstabbed by those closest to you, reaching rock bottom without hope of crawling back, and the need to give it all up hence the catchy hook “Take me to a place where I’m free

This isn’t really home this aint where I wanna be

Take me to a place where I’m alone

A place where all my problems are gone…”

To say that this track hits closer to home feels like an understatement. I can only say thanks to King Supah for transforming all those horrible experiences of his life into something this healing, which really is a true testament to the power of music to provide solace and offer sanctuary.

As personal as it gets, the entire project “Peace Hardly” is a bona fide experience of a record for which King Supah really outdid himself. In the worst times of his life, music has always been the light in the darkness for him, making him feel less alone in his struggles and more connected to others, and that’s what he wants his music to do.

King Supah has battled personal demons and withered storms, often creating powerful art through his struggles, and “Peace Hardly” is the embodiment of all that.

To catch the vibe in this incredible body of music, how about you follow the link below and make sure you add the tracks you dig the most to your own library?

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