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The prime champion for Christ, KING TYGUSS, has released a new powerful project, “YAH SPOKE,” inspired by love, unity, and his steadfast devotion to Yahuah

KING TYGUSS is a dynamic gospel artist whose music is a powerful fusion of hip-hop and spiritual praise, designed to uplift and inspire. Referring to himself as the prime champion for Christ, he brings a unique perspective to his art, combining excellent production with deep spiritual devotion. KING TYGUSS’s music is eclectic, with a strong hip-hop foundation, but always rooted in the timeless messages of the Holy Scripture. His songs are filled with positivity, love, and unity, aiming to remind listeners that they are never alone, no matter what challenges they face. Through his vibrant beats and passionate lyrics, KING TYGUSS encourages his audience to find strength in their faith and embrace the enduring grace and love of The Most High Yah. His music resonates with a powerful sense of hope and serves as a beacon of light for those seeking encouragement and guidance.

He returns with an incredibly powerful, 8-track collection themed “YAH SPOKE” that is a powerful testament to Gospel music’s ability to unite people and celebrate Yah’s praises, acknowledging Him for his goodness and graciousness in our lives.

The style here is both contemporary and soulful, as KING TYGUSS and his family seamlessly blend the rhythmic energy of hip-hop with the uplifting themes of gospel. The verses are laced with scripture, offering listeners a spiritual roadmap. He uses this album to create a space where faith and music unite, fostering a sense of community and shared devotion among his listeners.

The opener “YAH LIVES IN ME” is largely instrumental, with sampled vocals repeatedly echoing the title of the song. The beat is captivating with infectious energy thanks to its pulsating blend of rhythm and melody.

“BE TRANSFORMED” featuring Katina Guss has a distinctive futuristic production that provides the perfect backdrop for the artists’ compelling vocal performances, highlighting how Yahuah transforms us from mere beings into respectable and glorious creatures.

“Try Again” also featuring Katina Guss” is a memorable and powerful anthem that encourages perseverance and reassurance, reminding us that the Yah is always with us. The rap lyricism showcased here is ideal for listeners of all ages, as the honest lyrics compel a listener to come back for more of the song.

“QUEST 2 UNITE AFRIKA” is another special and bona fide standout featuring the gifted Namuwongo kids in Kampala, Uganda. The upbeat instrumentation is equally matched by their eye-catching dance moves, and the positive lyrics reflect the power and joy found in unity. This track is irresistibly infectious, inspiring listeners to dance with joyful abandon.

“GLORY TO YAHUAH” and “I LOVE YAHUAH” were collaborations with KING TYGUSS’s 6-year old son Joey Guss and are really huge testaments to the power of gospel music to transcend age barriers. It creates this special moment of sonic unity as both father and son join in exalting the almighty Yah and thanking him for everything good in their lives.

“YAH SPOKE” is a project meant to inspire love and spread messages of faith, and resilience. KING TYGUSS uses these songs to inspire others to find solace and strength in their spiritual journey. Through this project, he is exalting The Most High Yah and reminding us that His grace and love are ever-present.

To experience the depth of spirituality, check the attached link and add the songs that bless you most to your playlist. As you do, be blessed!


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