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Award-Winning Rock Band KingQueen From LA Has an Extensive and Spectacularly Made and Performed 5-Track EP, “KINGQUEEN”


An internationally acclaimed and multi-award-winning group known for their powerful performances, distinctive vocals, and a knack for crafting melodic rock songs; by now, their reputable name precedes them – they deftly blend the soaring vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars, and big choruses into music no other group could make. We are talking of the KingQueen pop-rock band based in Los Angeles that was formed by lead singer Ina aka Sabrina Petrini and is made up of Adam Gimenez, Brandon Valerino, Jake Absher and Ella G. Burgos. They have graced the stage with powerful performances on renowned platforms such as MTV, VH1, American Music Awards, OutAt Tv just to mention but a few.

They are currently on their Golden State Tour where they are promoting this self-titled EP, “KingQueen” and will also be gracing the popular “NAMM Show”- dreams really do come true! “KingQueen” EP was released in April 2022 and it features 5 tracks there that are perfect for different emotions; you are served some melancholic ballads on one hand and on the other hand, you are consumed with some thrillers that boast the rock sonic magnificence and that scintillating pop-rock mesmeric audacity. Each song is the result of a unique story, sonically blending modern soundscapes with authentic classic rock.

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In “Tornado”, a feel-good type of party anthem, a listener is treated to skillfully crafted rock harmonies that transport a listener to blissful places sometimes nostalgic and sometimes joyful. Listeners will witness KingQueen’s sonic tornados and extremely confident demeanor reaching unprecedented heights. The recording and mix are of very high standard and the track boats great sonic clarity and warmth. The lead and backing vocals blend with the impeccable skill to fashion a complete body of work that deserves some repeated listening experiences!

“It’s Raining” so far has the highest number of Spotify streams and this emotion-filled juicy rock rains some mental emotions from the onset. This is the perfect tune to resonate to when you are feeling alone, dark, and sad. Nevertheless, its delivery is on another top-level as the band lets us savor the thickness and variety of their stylistic caliber- an impeccable bouquet showcasing the remarkable talent of affable maestros of musicianship.

“Chemically Imbalanced” tells a sad tale worth the big screen. Lyrically, you are taken through the story of a lonely and troubled heart that has had enough. The melody is laid-back and emotionally affecting as the band in their performance seamlessly blurs the lines between a wide range of genre definitions and creative ideas. This sound right here combines the energy of rock with the melodic edge of pop, which sets the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus!

“Romantic” is a passionately written and creatively crafted piece of rock that is full of spirit and an abundance of heart. Sabrina really nails that classic sense of rock attitude and her vocal range is incredibly diverse. The wildly expressive instrumentation fronted by some tasty guitar playing really helps inject this tune with that extra bit of flair.

“Remember Me” is a lively and charged-up affair right from the opening gates and it is exactly the type of song to dance to albeit with reckless abandon under the melting glow of its melodic grandeur. With its blistering electronic guitar showmanship, soaring vocal performances, and marvelous sense of rock-drenched flamboyance, “Remember Me” is exactly the tune to inject your day with that much-needed energy to enable you to go on your day with that sense of undeniable happiness and vigor!

“KingQueen” is available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms; follow the attached link, stream the whole of this EP, find out your favorite tunes and play them on repeat!

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