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Established Singer-songwriter from the Bay Area Kora’s new single “Addicted” is such a vibe!

Kora is the new uncontainable force that has been spreading like wild wire all over the Bay Area, California. Ever since she stepped into the music ring, Kora has never failed to exude her diverse craftsmanship on every project she touches. As a matter of fact, Kora has built up a weighty fanbase off the back of unanimously acclaimed projects like “Pressure” and “21 Questions”, gaining her a lot of traction in the music industry circles. Following up on the bulging wave of momentum that her impressive music catalog has produced thus far, Kora seems to have just scratched the surface; she continues to impress on the eclectic music landscape with a new single appropriately dubbed “Addicted.”

As one who is not limited to any one genre and comes off as a non-conformist, the tune “Addicted” underscores that very element of versatility inside of her. This is a nostalgic R&B and soulful jam that takes you back to the good old days.

Even if you wanted to, you could never ignore the sublime effect Kora’s vocal harmonies create in this track. Delicately singing over the nostalgically expressive and emotive R&B-defined beats with her quintessentially silky and cottony vocals, there is no getting over that indescribably powerful voice!

Her sense of phrasing is impeccable, and in this tune, she actually highlights her songwriting prowess as she delivers some love-inspired verses sandwiched in between the unforgettably striking chorus.

I am no prophet, and while I have been wrong about things in many instances, I am 100% certain that by the end of your surreal listening experience, you will be “Addicted” to this tune; that’s non-negotiable!

And if for a moment you think that I’m not being truthful; how about you follow the attached link and find out for yourself!

Kora can be found on:

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