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Kraogotthesauce’s Self-Produced Album “Sauce!” Blends Genres, Nostalgia and Innovation – Features a Range of Talented Artists

Allow me to introduce you to kraogotthesauce, a trailblazing hip-hop music producer hailing from California’s Bay Area. Renowned for his distinctive production style, kraogotthesauce recently unveiled his self-produced album, “Sauce!” on March 23, 2023. This remarkable project boasts collaborations with 21 talented underground artists over the past three years, resulting in 14 enthralling tracks, each featuring a different artist. kraogotthesauce’s passion for producing, mixing, and mastering his music is palpable throughout the album’s diverse range of beats and introspective lyrics.

The self-produced album “Sauce!” is a beautiful amalgamation of experimental sounds that take the listener on a journey through various emotions. The title track “Sauce!” is an instrumental with a runtime of 1:55. The heavy basslines of hip-hop nature and the infusion of electronic elements make it a memorable addition to the album. The track features a captivating beat that draws the listener in, and the absence of vocals allows the listener to focus on the intricate details and fragments that build up the hypnotic realm. Despite the absence of vocals, the track is still able to tell a story and evoke emotions through its layered soundscape. It’s proof of kraogotthesauce’s production skills and ability to create engaging tracks that stand out even without vocals.

“Angel” is a highlight of the album, featuring the vocal talents of Kevin Kazi and J. Cast. The track clocks in at 2:08 and delivers a captivating experience from start to finish. The memorable line, “You look like an angel to me,” is an attestation to the storytelling ability of kraogotthesauce and his collaborators. The atmospheric strength of the track is complemented by the vocal dynamics and emotive delivery, creating a powerful and engaging listening experience.

Following the emotive and atmospheric sounds of Angel the album takes a turn toward the contemporary Pop and RnB edge with “Best Of Us.” This track maintains the album’s atmospheric qualities while bringing a simpler, more mainstream sound to the forefront. The spoken fragments throughout the track ground the listener within a real-life storytelling experience. “Best Of Us” features vocals from Surf and 6IXTEENTH.

“Up Now” featuring Kasu is a refreshing departure from the previous track, as it incorporates more ambient elements and a softer, lo-fi sound. The combination of Kasu’s distorted vocals and kraogotthesauce’s production creates a dreamy and introspective track. “Doubts Pt.II” featuring Hocu$ explores themes of self-doubt and anxiety.

In “Geronimo,” the sound of swords that appears in previous tracks is even more prominent, creating a unique listening experience. This track features Elijah August and Seiji Oda, adding to the already impressive lineup of featured artists on the album. “The One // Prayers Up” is a prime example of kraogotthesauce’s ability to bring together multiple artists to create a cohesive sound. With featured artists Leeway, Reezan and Rxhul, it seamlessly blends big-beat, vocal smoothness, and nostalgic production. At 1:18, the track draws in some similar vibes to Post Malone’s Rockstar, creating an extra layer of familiarity that complements the already compelling sound. The brief but memorable “Rollin’ Stone Interlude” featuring AIRY BABY and “D!e Today” features Hiteknas and CA$hfllow continue to showcase the album’s versatility, with chilled vibes and dark gritty tones respectively.

“Madden” features EyeKeem, with the sound of swords that is present throughout the album giving it a bold and gripping edge. “Proud Of Me” redirects the album towards personal reflection and the lightness of mainstream pop and hip hop, with vocals from Partyboiparis and Super Haze. “Bands” maintains the calm and breathy contemplation, with the ethereal arrangement and vocal sound-play adding to its emotive thread of ideas, and features vocals from Stara Velli and Rootie.

As the album progresses, “Notice Me” showcases kraogotthesauce’s ability to balance rap and melody, while maintaining a strong focus on meaningful lyrics. The track features Soul-G. “Take Me Away” featuring Rxhul again completes the album with fullness and atmospheric depth that reminds listeners of the breadth of ability and artistic intention.

I would highly recommend “Sauce!” to anyone who appreciates a fresh, emotive take on contemporary Hip-hop and RnB music.

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